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April 28, 2017
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It is known if an individual reaches the status of a High Net-Worth Individual (HNI), performing personalized tasks may prove to be tedious and agitating as it may cause one to waste time researching online, experiencing the risk of exposure to the media, and of course; having to find a legitimate firm whose primary priority is to aid in finding a suitable and compatible companion for their clients.

Matrimonial Consultants provide a specialized service for their HNI customers; a dedicated manager who: handles your profile, works on several different platforms and databases to connect you to the appropriate party, as well as is available for requests and any other required service all around the clock.

Whilst there is no time limit on the HNI Package, there are two segments to the complete payment: the first consists of a Retainer Starting Amount which varies for each individual with the starting price of Rs. 1 Lach and goes up to Rs. 10 Lachs. The second payment is made at the time of the wedding, this expense is discussed before-hand once both individuals of consented and decided to partake in a marriage.

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