In search of a true companion


With the spirit of kindness and adventure , you could be the one for me . If you believe in fate and a lifetime of happiness , I am looking for you .
They say that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times , always with the same person I couldn’t agree more . Marriage to me is coming together of two individuals who see the best in each other and bring that out , who find love again and again in that same person and who can see each other at their worst and will still find perfection . I am no expert in marriage, I have been married once but it ended , not because of lack of love but because we could never be friends . I do , however , firmly believe that my soul mate is still out there, waiting to be swept off her fee. I believe in serendipity and I know my happy ending is just around the corner. If you believe in the same , we should meet .


I grew up in a nuclear family with great values and closeness with each other . We are a close –knit family of three sisters and me. Being the only brother , my sisters always took special care of me . I was never made to feel like I was being restrained in doing anything . I was allowed to pursue whatever interested me and my family drew happiness from my achievements . even when I left home to join a reputed boarding school , I always found that connection with my family intact. I was always a happy energetic child and that reflected positively in my academics and extra – curricular activities .

To me, any accomplishments never mattered much , the experience did . however , my family always went that extra mile to show their unconditional support for me . The way my trophies were piled up in our living room at home , the fondness with which my mother and sisters looked after me , the affection of my father , all instilled in me , the faith and confidence in myself. I have never allowed these values to leave my side. Wherever I may go and whatever I may do , I know that at the end of my journey , my family would still be waiting for me with unconditional love .

My school defined a lot of who I am , even today , by inculcating in me qualities of leadership , team- work, ethics and excellence .

I graduated in Engineering from one of the best colleges in India and went on to pursue my Business degree from an Ivy League college. This opened my mind to a world opportunity to learn as much as I could and I still continue on my learning curve by keeping myself updated with areas of my interest by taking refresher courses in some of the finest universities and educations institutions every now and then .These possibilities paved way for me resounding success and made me who I am today . It instilled in me , not only academic knowledge about managing businesses , but also leadership, ethics and pursuance of excellence in every sphere of my life. I don’t believe that excellence is an option for winners it is a essential

MY Accomplishments

I take pride in being the CEO of a hugely successfully software and services company headquartered in the US . The company has five global locations operating out of three continents with a large diverse workforce. The company is very well recognized in the US a market leader in the space it operates in with endless list of awards for growth and governance .

I may live in the US now , but at heart , I am still and Indian . My company’s huge presence in India ensures that I never lost that part of me which I hold so close to my heart .

I strived and worked hard to start this company from scratch and bring it to the dizzying heights at which it stands now . It didn’t happen in one day . I followed my dreams and juxtaposed it with my interest and over time, with keen focus and perseverance, my company grew in numbers and became one of the most successful entities in its industry. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the support of thousands of employees and it is their hard work which brought us closer and closer to our vision .

People I know say that I am a university in myself, a walking talking encyclopedia, a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist rolled into one . I feel humbled . I have been fortunate enough to be able to pursue my interests satisfying that do what makes you happy and do it so well that you don’t have to worry about making a living . I belive that if you pursue your interest with passion and blessing of your well- wishers, wealth automatically starts accumulating without a problem and that’s what I do . I am considered very successful . I believe that success is a by-product of happiness and affluence comes with it .

Because of the nature of my work, I have had the privilege of being invited to gatherings where I shook hands with some of the most influential people in the world, but , as was taught to me as a child . I never let that get to my head . I have used such experiences to imbibe better qualities from people from whom I can learn a lot.

What keeps me going

I am a practitioner of Yoga and meditation and practice both rigorously to maintain my physical as well as mental health. It leaves me feeling balanced , healthier and energized .

I believe that reading dusts the cobwebs of our mind and opens it to a world of wonder. I can never have enough of it. We all evolve and our aptitude, attitude and experiences change every day. I read so I can feel , I can be present and be in places I cannot be on my own , I can get there vicariously through what I read. Through this process, I have an envious collection of books in a sizeable library that I have created in my house. I prefer to buy only hard covers and once we get to know each other better , I can tell youwhy .

I had read somewhere that the world is a book and those who don’t travel , read only one page. This is my philosophy too. I enjoy travelling spontaneously to different parts of the world, seeing new cities and cultures, meeting new people and understanding their way of life . Last year alone I clocked over 250,000 miles travelling all over the world . It makes me feel most liberated and calm when I am on the go .

On my travels, I have had some wonderful experiences, be it playing gold at the world’s most beautiful golf course or stand atop a mountain feeling closer to God. I have inculcated in myself a spirit of adventure and a never say frequent the NBA games here and it process to be a great stress buster in addition to being a social activity where I can meet and mingle with my friends and associates. So far , I have resisted going to events like the Oscars despite being invited several times because I am still looking for that special someone whom I would like to walk the red carpet with .


I am a dreamer in my dreams I see the end point of what I would like to achieve and the journey of it . After all , in dreams , failures are more forgiving. I have always dreamed big and worked toward achieving them over he years. This is an integral part of my existence . Money hasn’t motivated me much in life, but I consider it to be a tool to pursue my dreams and not the end all of it .

I firmly believe that when life gives you so much as it has given me, it is our duty as human beings to give something back. As a child, I saw my parents pursue their philanthropic interest by helping those less fortunate than us regularly and that imbibed in me a deep sense of compassion .Therefore , I started donating to charities and causes closes to my heart.- education for children-and it fills me with joy to see that my contributions have impacted so many lives in a big way . This is my way of sharing my wealth with the lesser blessed. I am on the board of directors of one of the biggest NGO’S which helps children in need. I sleep peacefully at night knowing that this small step of mine is giving the strength to so many children . The compassion is that I look for in my significant other too .


In my life partner , I am looking for someone who will be my best friend and companion. I need her to be smart and intelligent , someone who can carry on a conversation comfortably , holding her own . I am not looing for a trophy wife. I am looking for someone I feel a true connection with, someone who I can fall in love with many times. She must have a spirit of adventure in her and a charming personality . She must have a great sense of humor because in my experience , people who can laugh off their problems are not only the most successful , but also the most charming .

I am myself and eternal optimist and I love to laugh . I am a dreamer at heart and that is what helps me to enjoy every experience I have. I would look for someone who has an open mind to try new experience and enjoy them with me. Someone who can be my equal and someone who is happy and will keep me happy and doesn’t need reinforcement for it .

Ernest Hemingway said , “ Never go on trips with anyone you do not love” I have had several wonderful experiences during my travels. I think its now time for me to share those with someone I love .

I enjoy the finest things in life and am equally comfortable in the outdoors. The girl I am looking for must also find that balance where she can appreciate the beauty of nature from close quarters and yet , be classy when need be .

I like to surround myself with positivity . This is what I want in my partner too .

I am looking for a strong woman in generous, kind and sharp. Someone I can build a family with , someone who can assimilate in my family without losing her identity and yet , be the bond that keeps us all together. To me, her background financial status or where she comes from are irrelevant . I have a good background have been fortunate to assimilate enough wealth to keep us very comfortable and am interested in only moving forward. The girl I amlooking for must be amiable with not only my family, but also my extended family of my work circle and friends. She must be able to cherish all that I hold closest to my heart and yet be a woman of a strong sense of individuality .

I want to be with someone who, like me, has a desire to keep learning and find happiness in the little things in life. I want someone who respect me and my family and I will respect her and her family . A relationship based on mutual respect, in my experience , is the most fulfilling and lasting .

I don’t believe in love at first sight , to me , beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If she is beautiful on the inside her outward beauty will shine through . I would want to meet her, know her and find that connection that I am looking for in my wife. If we do decide to go forward with the wedding .I am equally comfortable with a court wedding , temple wedding or a big fat Indian wedding . To me , her happiness is what matters.

I have been featured in some of the best publications in the world for my business success and I need my potential wife to be someone who can share such great honors with me . I have friends across the world as a consequence to my extensive travelling and my wife must be amicable with them . The world is my place and I would like to share it with a special woman who would be my equal, my companion and my friend . I consider myself a fairly interesting person and the woman I am looking for , must interest me . I can only give you respect , sincerely , loyalty and my love for the rest of my life with a promise of trying my best to keep you happy . So if you think that you have these qualities and would like to share my life, experiences and adventures with me .

I am waiting for you

After reading all about me , I am sure you must have several questions in your mind like who am I , what do I look like, what is the name of my company . You see, I have to be discreet about all of this for reasons I cannot mention here . However, I will be in India in Mid March and April so if you want to find out more about me please E mail Matrimonial Consultants at my profile id is sw1291

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