A Matrimonial service for HNIS around the world

We, at Matrimonial Consultants provide our services solely by invitation. This indicates that potential clients are specifically targeted and chosen by our highly skilled team. A preliminary form is handed out to be filled during the registration process which inquires about your partner preferences. This aids our team in identifying and understanding what type of individual you seek, which are then compared to potential matches.

Based on** initial registrations, mutually convenient meetings are decided upon an agreed time and location. Matrimonial Consultants’ understand the type of schedule our clients have, thus, only the most appropriate matches are provided to increase efficiency. Once both sides have come to an agreement, there may be a phone call between the two to converse before the given meeting date, as well as to help understand whether they would prefer to pursue furthermore. A few of our carefully selected specialists personally ensure a certain professional setting is kept regarding these matters.

Given the nature of our clientele; the upmost degree of confidentiality is upheld for our services, along with the fact that no information regarding an individual’s personal details is distributed unless both parties mutually consent.

Unlike most match-making firms, We, at Matrimonial consultants are a paid firm with registration fee starting from $500; this may go up to $10,000 depending on what our client is seeking for. There is a charge at the time of the wedding and a fee; per meet.

Dating is a tedious task, and so is searching for an individual with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life. Rest assured, Matrimonial Consultants is an extremely professional, ethical and efficient firm. Our team is constantly available to assist and aid any need our client has. Our services harmoniously conjoin a traditional match-making rhythm, along with contemporary demands to provide our clients only the best.

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